Where to go in Cyprus ? 4 days road trip

by Hélène

Doing a road trip in Cyprus is definitely an excellent way to explore this beautiful island. Located in the Meditteranean Sea, very close to Greece and the Middle East, this destination is quite popular in Europe especially in the UK.

Where to go in Cyprus ? Here is the itinerary I used – 4 days road trip

Because I’m located in Dubai, I was looking for a place not too far but not too close either. So choosing Cyprus was the logical thing to do and, getting to Cyprus was extremely easily, I quick 4 hours flight and voilà here we are in Cyprus.

DAY 1 : 

The first day, we arrived at Larnaca’s airport around noon and picked up our car. We choose this company: Steven Car Rentals which I totally recommend. (We paid around 108 euros for a small automatic car coupled with insurance and GPS included for 3 full days. They gave us the car at the airport and at the end they picked it up on the way back)
Then, we headed straight to our first point: The Ancient Kourion (Ancient Ruins) in Limassol (1 hour away).
Archaeological site of Kourion

Address: Ancient Kourion, Limassol (Episkopi Village, Cyprus 4620 
Open : 8:30am until 3pm 
Entrance: Free 

DAY 2:

Because it was the first full day with have here, we decided to explore beaches near Protaras.
Konnos Bay in Cape Greco was our first stop and it was the perfect place to escape from the crowded beaches. It’s a national forest park with nature trails. The beach is extremely quiet, with only a small coffee. In fact, the water is so clear you can see fishes going around.
Konnos Bay
Konnos Bay
Konnos Bay After that, we went to Sunrise Beach. This beach is only 15 minutes away from Konnos and it’s also a nice spot to enjoy a cocktail, toes in the sand.
Aya Napa - Cocktails at the beach
Fig Tree Bay - Protaras Cyprus
Fig Tree Bay - Protaras Cyprus
Lunch at Fig Tree Bay - Protaras Cyprus

Day 3: 

For the most part, we did a boat trip with Caption Marko Cruises on our third day in Cyprus.
Cape Greco in Cyprus
Cape Greco in Cyprus
Cape Greco in Cyprus
In fact, Caption Marko has the perfect personality for a tour boat caption and makes sure you’re having a good time. The lunch is included in the price and I found it really good. Although it can get a bit crowded, everyone was here to have fun so it was alright. The staff is super friendly and the amount of time we had to go inside the water was perfect!
Overall, places we saw:  Palatia Cliff diving site, Cape Greco,Blue Lagoon pirate’s cave, Witche’s cave, Famgusta Ghost Towm.
Price: 30 euros included lunch
Time : 11:00 until 15:00 (5 hours tour)
Has amazing reviews on trip advisor. 
After the boat trip, exploring the city of Aya Napa was a must.
Aya Napa
Aya Napa

Day 4:

Because we had a flight in the late afternoon we went only to Nissi Beach. I was really sad to leave this beautiful place. So now  I cannot wait to come back and explore more – this time the West side of Cyprus would be my first choice.

Nissi Beach.
Nissi Beach

In conclusion, to summarize our itinerary: 

First day : Ancient Kourion, Petra Tou Romiou and go to Protaras (one night in Protaras)
Second day : Konnos Bay, Sunrise Beach, Fig Tree Bay (One night in Protaras)
Third day: Palatia cliff diving site, Cape Greco-Blue Lagoon Pirates’ caves, Witches cave, fish feeding + snorkeling at Cape Greco and exploring Aya Napa (One night in Ayia Napa)
Fourth day : Nissi Beach

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