What to do in Bangkok : Your city guide

by Hélène
what to do in bangkok

You don’t know what to do in Bangkok ? Here is your city guide.

There is something about Bangkok I cannot explain. I love how Bangkok is a beautiful mix between the old architecture and those big tall buildings that remind me of NYC.

Things to know before going to Bangkok : 

  • Language: The most spoken language is Thai. Although lots of young people can speak a little bit of English. It’s also really appreciated if you learn at least the basic. Like Hello/goodbye ” Sa-wat dee” , thank you ” Khop koon” or sorry ” Khor tort
  • Currency: Thai Baht is the official currency. 1 euro is around 35 baht / 1 USD approx 31 baht.
  • Clothes: Please, if you are visiting a temple, make sure to cover both shoulders and knees and take off your shoes if needed.
  • Water: I wouldn’t recommend drinking tap water but either filtered water (you can find many great water filters, like here on Amazon) or bottles.
  • ATM/Credit cards: While most of the places in Bangkok accept credit cards, if you want to avoid fees or fraud on it, the best is always pay by cash. There are many ATM’S and banks around the city.
  • Mask: Bangkok has some of the world’s worst pollution.  Always double check online the pollution rate ( I can recommend this website here) and buy protection masks to cover your mouth and nose ( and yes it can cause respiratory problems if you aren’t careful enough) 

How to get around Bangkok : 

  • Grab/ Uber :  During most of our trip,  we used Grab (which is the uber version in Asia) to get around the city, or from the city to the airport.  While we had to wait at least 10 minutes to get one, it was a great and cheap way to get from one place to the other. You can use your foreign number. You can also pay by card or cash, which is cool.
  • Subway/Public transportation: The BTS SkyTrain is an awesome way to visit Bangkok. The rail system connects to all the major attractions in the city, from shopping malls to temples and so on. Note = You can buy a daily pass for 4$ (approx 140THB)
  • Tuk-Tuk : Using a Tuk-tuk can definitely be a fun way to visit the city. However, I wouldn’t recommend this mode of transportation. Tips: If you really want to use a tuk-tuk, always confirm a price in advance. Usually, they will ask you to pay a high price but they are flexible so don’t be afraid to bargain with them. Also, be aware, lots of drivers will try to take a detour or suggest a shortstop to a shop. Always say no or you will end paying more.

What to do in Bangkok? Go and visit temples : 

The first thing you absolutely have to do in Bangkok is visiting temples. Thailand is a country that is 95% Buddhist so there is a large number of temples in Bangkok. As I was saying before in my “things to know before going to Bangkok“, you need to be respectful which means you need to cover both your shoulders and knees while you are walking inside.

Here are my two favorites temples :

📍 Wat Benchama Bophit 

Probably the prettiest temple I got the chance to see and my favorite. It is actually not well-known and not that many tourists are going there which makes it even better in my opinion. We arrived right after the sunrise (around 7am) and it was so empty and quiet, the light was amazing. Probably the best time to go there if you want to visit this temple.


📍 Wat Arun

A must do in Bangkok and a very popular temple. The architecture is gorgeous and I loved to walk around.  And again, the best time to go there is early morning (the temple opens at 8am) right before all the tourists. The entrance is 50 baht.

Others temples you can visit : 

  • Wat Pho – World’s Largest Reclining Buddha
  • The Grand Palace – Emerald Buddha
  • Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit)
  • Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara (Loha Prasat)


Nightlife Areas/Markets  : 

Going to Bangkok and exploring night markets should be in your list! Our second night in Bangkok we went to Khao San Road. It is a cool and fun street full of shops, loud music, and bars. We went there because my friends absolutely wanted to eat those fried insects (not my taste but it was so funny watching eating them) and finding souvenirs for our families.

Furthermore, we found another night market near our hotel on  :  Thanon Patpong 1 Road . This night market was quite small but fun to walk around.

Another nightlife areas in Bangkok :

  • Sukhumvit Soi 11 – You can find many bars and restaurants there.
  • Thonglor and Ekkamai – If you are looking for more luxurious bars and nightclubs.
  • RCA – Usually younger crowds – full of nightclubs.

Visiting Chinatown : 

I know it isn’t the typical “Thai” neighborhood but I truly love exploring Chinatown during our stay in Bangkok. It feels like I was back in China 🙂

Shopping :

Bangkok is definitely the best place to do some shopping, from cheap stuff to high-end luxurious items you can pretty much find everything.

Some places where you can satisfy your needs :

  • Chinatown
  • MBK – You can find many cheap souvenirs and clothes. Don’t forget to bargain!
  • Terminal 21
  • Platinum Mall
  • Siam Square

Restaurants recommendation : 

My top 3 favorites if you want to have breakfast/brunch: I actually wrote down a full article here on my favorite restaurants to have breakfast or brunch in Bangkok here (with the exact address, location, and pictures ). There are lots of different places to go for brunch around Bangkok. The app Eatigo is great if you want to check out different places.

But so far for me, the best places are :

  • (Not just) another Cup
  • Broccoli Revolution
  • The Coffee Club

Others restaurants : 

  • Bonita Cafe
  • Sirocco at Lebua bar (but pricey)
  • or simply get adventurous and try street food

Hotels : 

We stayed at the Amara Hotel for 3 nights and it was the perfect location to visit temples and do some shopping. This hotel isn’t as famous as some of the other hotels with a rooftop but  I would definitely recommend it.

Note = If you want to enjoy this pool you need to be a guest at the hotel.

And you can have -25euros off your reservation with this link here



What to do in Bangkok What to do in Bangkok



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