My favorite restaurants and brunch places in Geneva

by Hélène
Avo break geneva geneve restaurant brunch

One of the things I’ve been enjoying doing for the past few weeks is trying out different restaurants in Geneva. Whether it’s for a brunch, a ramen break or a yummy snack: the city is full of nice places, and since I spent the summer in Switzerland, it was the perfect opportunity to experiment it all!

I’ve gathered all the places I liked the most in this article. This list will be regularly updated with the new spots I will have tried!


Restaurant and brunch addresses to try in Geneva


Avo break geneva geneve restaurant brunch

 Avo Break

Let’s start with one of my favorite restaurants at the moment: Avo Break, a brand new concept in Geneva. As the name suggests, the star of the menu is the avocado! But not only… There are also pancakes (which I highly recommend, because it was DELICIOUS), homemade cakes, and of course drinks: enough to please each and everyone’s taste buds.

Let’s also talk about the decoration which I loved: a bit Scandinavian with these wooden chairs, a tad tropical with plants everywhere while still being very warm at the same time. You can feel that the place has been designed to take nice pictures, and that’s a big plus!

The food is nicely presented, I believe it’s the first time I see a basic “avocado toast” transformed into a real work of art! They also offer many vegan, gluten free or vegetarian dishes. And besides being pretty, everything was good and very fresh. In short, I really loved that place!

Price : Count between CHF 19.- and 21.- per dish, which remains an excellent price/quality ratio for Geneva.







Max restaurant brunch geneve geneva


Located in the heart of the Eaux-Vives area, Max offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a delicious brunch on weekends.

I had the chance to test this address last week with my friends and I really loved it. The place is very nice and the terrace is big enough to welcome groups. We were 6 people, and we were quickly seated.

The menu is diverse and very appetizing, and has quite a few vegetarian options.

Price : Between CHF 8.- and 19.- for a dish in the brunch menu, otherwise it is CHF 18.- / 24.- in the classic menu. Another excellent price/quality ratio for Geneva.

You can check the different menus here:

  • Address : Rue du 31 Décembre 38 1207 Geneva, Switzerland  | +41 (0)22 366 30 06
  • Notes : You can’t book in advance for large groups.
  • Website :





Le petit vingt trois brunch geneve geneva restaurant

 Le Petit Vingt-Trois

The Petit Vingt-Trois brunch is quite popular in Geneva, mostly thanks to its prime location on the banks of the Rhone River. What a pleasure to enjoy it on a sunny Sunday!

The menu is really varied, I enjoyed the many vegetarian options available. The prices are rather high ( an average of CHF 20/25.00 for one dish) but this can be explained by the location of the restaurant: a brunch with your feet in the water is priceless!

We also loved being able to book our table online which is quite rare for restaurants in Geneva. A must try!

  • Address : Rue de la Coulouvrenière 23, 1204 Geneva | +41 (0)22 321 44 45
  • Notes : Brunch is on Saturday and Sunday only.
  • Website : (this is where you can check the menu and book your table) 



Coutume geneve brunch geneve geneva

Café Coutume

Originally, Coutume’s specialty is coffee (and by the way I strongly recommend you to go there if you want to drink a VERY GOOD coffee). The Parisian location has been exported to Geneva, and has been able to diversify by offering delicious weekend brunch and other desserts.

The atmosphere is cosy and Scandinavian, several options are available, there is something for everyone. Special mention to the acai bowl which was delicious!

Small downside: we had to wait quite a long time on the weekend, and I found the prices quite expensive…

  • Address : Boulevard Carl Vogt, 80 1205 Geneva | Tel: +41 (0)22 436 88 18
  • Notes :They do not take any more bookings at the moment due to a great attendance. They accept dogs on the terrace.
  • Website :




Mama thai geneva geneve restaurant

Mama Thaï

Mama Thaï is a brand new location in the heart of the Acacias neighborhood. The place is trendy, colorful and highly instagramable either inside or on the terrace, which is not necessarily the case for a lot of restaurants in Geneva.

The food is excellent. I had a tofu pad thai, spring rolls and some mango sticky rice for dessert that I recommend! You can taste the flavors of Thailand for a more than correct price since they offer a starter-dish-beverage formula for CHF 20.-

  • Address : 61, rue de Carouge, 1205 Geneva | +41 22 800 33 33
  • Notes : No booking possible. It is possible to order take-away to avoid the queue in the store.
  • Website :







This ramen bar, located in rue du Stand offers regional and local products. It was the first time I tested this address and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved being able to eat on their cosy terrace located in a small alley, and the atmosphere is warm and very nice.

The menu is quite short, but very effective. There are various starters, and cold noodle dishes in addition to the comforting ramens. Even in the middle of summer, it’s so good!

The prices vary between CHF 23/27.- , which is quite correct for Geneva.

(The menu is available on their website) 



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