#GreekDiary : 4 things I loved in Greece

by Hélène

Going to Greece was part of my bucket list this year and I’m so happy I finally discovered this beautiful country  (and not through Instagram ha)

We spent 10 days in Santorini, Milos, Ios, and Mykonos and explored each island as much as we could.

I had an amazing time there: we dived into crystal clear water, met amazing people, jumped from cliffs, watched sunsets from incredible places, and explored.

Here is what I loved the most about my trip to Greece

Delicious Food :

Before this trip, I clearly had no idea how good the food would be. The food was so tasty, fresh and delicious. We filled most of our days with feta cheese, tomatoes, salads and trying new local dishes.



Exploring each island

Greece is a wonderful country to visit with many islands, beaches, and picturesque villages. I loved exploring Santorini, Milos, Ios, and Mykonos. However, each island is really different, depending on what you are looking for.


Driving around and discovering hidden places

Having a quad and driving around made our lives must easier. I loved stopping when we wanted and discovering hidden places.

At the beginning, I was a bit anxious to drive in Greece but it was surprisingly really easy. Most of the signs were easy to understand. And yes we got lost few times but it wasn’t a big deal, we always found people willing to help us.


 Swimsuit from www.sunseekerswim.com 


Packing for this trip

I know it sounds a bit crazy but packing was so fun. But remember, try to bring only your favorites and the ones you feel most comfortable in. I brought colorful dresses, hats and summer clothes I knew I was going to wear.

Bag from Lo and Sons  with adjustable compartments and a cool bottom pocket – definitely my the favorite bag when I travel (you can find it on www.loandsons.com

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Amanda August 25, 2017 - 10:01 pm

Looks so beautiful, and the food looks delicious!


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