Explore Lapland: find the perfect hotel for an unforgettable stay!

by Hélène
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Travelling to Finnish Lapland… My dream destination since I was a teenager, not only for its beautiful landscapes, but also and especially for the unusual and unique hotels that you can find there!

During my stay in Lapland, I had the chance to test 3 completely different types of accommodations, and to live unforgettable experiences.


arctic snow village lapland

Spend the night in an ice hotel


Are you looking for a unique experience during your stay in Lapland? Don’t look any further: you have to put a night in an ice hotel at the top of your bucket list!

Near Rovaniemi is located the famous Arctic Snow Hotel“,  renown for building a hotel entirely made of ice each year. It has a restaurant, a bar, several rooms of different sizes and even a chapel to get married in… Just like a standard hotel. 

If you are adventurous and daring you can spend the night there, otherwise a simple visit can also fulfill your curiosity! During our trip, we chose to stay one night and live the experience to the fullest.

Spending the night in an ice hotel in Lapland: organization

Upon your arrival, a guided tour will be organized to show you the premises and understand the organization on site. The hotel will provide you with a thermal sleeping bag for the night, as well as an underlayer to put on before the bag.

To sleep better you are advised to wear only thermal underwear (top + bottom + socks) and a hat.

You can find in my article “What to wear in cold weather?” all the clothes to bring in your suitcase to travel to Lapland.

At the Arctic Snow hotel, we had a room with a double bed and a single bed. Each ice bed has a reindeer skin mattress.

You can’t take your suitcase with you in the room, you’ll have to put it in the hotel checkroom: a heated room where you’ll be able to change and keep your belongings out of the cold. In this room, there are also beds, in case the night becomes complicated and you can’t stand the cold anymore.

Toilets and showers are to be shared with other hotel guests. The room is heated so don’t panic, you won’t shower with cold water 🙂

My opinion :

I am very happy to have been able to live such an original and unique experience. But I must admit that it was not a fun night: I had trouble sleeping, mainly because of the icy air on my face (because my mouth and nose were uncovered in order to breathe). I finally went to sleep in the heated room after 3 hours. Still, it’s something to do once in a lifetime!

Price :

This kind of experience has a cost… Count between 200 and 500€ per night, depending on the room category. I personally highly recommend you to try it!



Sleep in a glass cabin


While we were preparing our trip, a particular accommodation had caught our eyes : the Northern Light Ranch. This hotel, close to Levi, consists only of glass cabins.

Each cabin has been built with huge glass windows, all heated to melt the snow. All cabins face north to allow you to see the northern lights. And if you’re worried about privacy, don’t worry: the cabins are far apart from one another.

The Northern Light Ranch Hotel also has a restaurant, with a buffet breakfast in the morning. Feel free to go there early enough to get close to the window and watch the reindeer, which you can feed and get close to. There is also a mini-skating rink, and you can borrow snowshoes to walk around the hotel.

My opinion :

We spent three nights at the Northern Light Ranch and it was one of my favorite hotels of this trip. We stayed in the “Sky View Cabin Deluxe” composed of two rooms with a private jacuzzi. The staff is adorable and super nice. I really liked the location of this hotel, not too far from the center but close enough to enjoy Levi. In short, a big favorite!

Price :

As it is a rather luxurious hotel, the price is higher than the average. But considering the quality of the services on the spot, it’s really worth it! Count between 300 and 600€ per night.

northern light ranch



Watch Lapland’s Northern Lights in an igloo


If there is one type of hotel that is very popular in Lapland, it’s glass igloos! These igloos mainly provide a clear view so that you can comfortably observe the Northern Lights at night. A must if you want to live your trip to Lapland to the fullest.

We spent a total of 6 nights in this type of hotel during our stay in Lapland. 3 nights at the Wilderness Inari in Northern Finland, and 3 nights at the Northern Light Levi. If you want to see the Northern Lights, I strongly recommend to choose a hotel located in the North of Lapland (like in Inari): it will increase your chances!


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I want to go there so bad! HOPEFULLY the virus will get under control soon! I really like the igloos! Is it hard to travel there? Can you tell me where I would have to travel into and then how to get up there? I would be coming from the states!


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