Budapest in few hours : The top things to do

by Luciana

Budapest is a paradise for photography lovers like me, seems like every corner there is an image to be captured. I knew that sleeping and resting would be the last thing on my mind for my TwentyFour in this romantic city.

Explore Budapest in few hours : The top things to do

I chose to have a guided tour for a few hours, so that I could see many places in a short time.  I’m so happy I made that decision as my tour guide was highly knowledgeable about the history of Budapest. And also a passionate photographer, giving me plenty of tips of the best places to capture my very special moments.

From the beginning of their history, it seems that Hungarians have always had a desire for beauty.  Wanting to decorate every part of the city with architecturally pleasing buildings raging from Renaissance to Baroque, just to name a few styles.

It is no wonder that Budapest is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Another reason why this city is so famous, it is due to its thermal water baths.

Discover the Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Budapest sits on a patchwork of almost 125 thermal springs, the most famous being the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, the largest one in the city and one of the largest bath complexes in Europe.

The impressive Parliament Building

One of the highlights of my visit was seeing the famous Parliament Building. Built as part of the independence of Hungary from Austria in 1885. It took 17 years to be completed and cost 38 million gold crowns, which was no bargain at that time. It is the third largest Parliament in the world. And because of its delicate limestone wall, it has to be restored often.


Explore the Castle District

The Castle District is famous for its many remarkable sights, where most of my tour took place.

Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion is a famous lookout spot for its unobstructed views. From the top I could see the Parliament Building and Danube River amongst many other sights.


Go to the Matthias Church  (and enjoy the cherry blossomed trees during springtime)

The Matthias Church is just a few steps away, another must see in Budapest. What first caught my eyes was the beautiful roof. Covered with colorful ceramic tiles making a nice contrast to its white walls. This neighborhood is famous for its many cherry blossomed trees during springtime. I enjoyed my long walk along a path covered with cherry trees at full bloom and Buda Castle at the background.

Have a close look of the Chain Bridge

Following my tour guides suggestion, I spent my evening waiting for the sun to set close to the Chain Bridge; and my early morning waiting for the sun to rise at Gellert Hill. The views and pictures were spectacular.

And of course try some local food

I didn’t forget to try the famous goulash soup and also to indulge (not only once) in gelato from Gelarto Rosa while getting lost on the many streets on the Pest side.

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