Experience Dubai : Do a safari desert trip

by Hélène

Doing a safari desert trip is a must-do if you ever get the chance to explore Dubai. Discover the beauty and customs of the desert.

Desert safari trip in Dubai

Explore Dubai with me :  Doing a safari desert trip 

Couple weeks ago, Meryl and I got the chance to do a morning dune Drive with Arabian Adventures.
Desert safari trip in Dubai


The desert is definitely one of the most unique locations I’ve ever been to in my life, and that is why doing a safari trip is a cool method to experience it. If you want to embark on a desert trip, prepare yourself for the ride.
Desert safari trip in Dubai


45 minutes later, once we reached the conservation, I was fascinated by the long and incredible dunes. It literally felt like we were in another world and It seems like the sand is alive. The deeper we went into the Arabian desert, the more I was in awe.

Bacardi, the driver was fantastic, he was so nice and shared so many useful information.
We got really lucky to experience the desert during the “winter” here in Dubai. It wasn’t too hot or too cold: 30 degrees, the perfect temperature in my opinion. I wouldn’t imagine myself doing that during the summer.


Desert safari trip in Dubai
Desert safari trip in Dubai
Desert safari trip in Dubai
In my opinion, doing a desert safari trip is one of the most authentic experiences you can do in Dubai !  However, choose wisely the company you are going with or you might end up disappointed.

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