3 awesome breakfast places in Bangkok.

by Hélène
breakfast in bangkok

After eating Thai food for the past few days (pad thai, fried rice, vegetables, mango sticky rice…pretty much everything you can think of) we were looking for a mix of western/Thai food during our stay in Bangkok. And clearly we weren’t disappointed. There are tons of restaurants around Bangkok for all kind of tastes: Italian, French, Chinese, Greek, brunch, breakfast ..etc  name it and you will find it.

3 awesome breakfast places in Bangkok.

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We had only a few days in Bangkok but so far my top 3 favorites restaurants to have breakfast or brunch were :

  • (Not Just) Another Cup : 

A must try in Bangkok, I truly loved this restaurant and we actually went there twice to get our breakfast. The menu is so diverse, for sure you will find something you like. The staff is really nice and helpful. The food was delicious, tasty and fresh. As a vegetarian, I was a bit afraid not to find anything but they had plenty of options so I was really happy.

Cons : It was quite expensive, so be prepared.

Address: 75/1 Sathon Soi 10, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand.

Opening hours : 7h-19h  | Website : http://www.notjustanothercup.com/   | Instagram : @notjustanothercup


  • Broccoli Revolution 

Broccoli Revolution is a well trendy restaurant located in the center of Bangkok. It is a beautiful restaurant in a great good location and has many eco-friendly aspects.  We went during our first day as we had heard they offer vegetarian and gluten-free options.

I had the charcoal burger (with broccoli and quinoa), It was tasty! The French fries were great the burger was well cooked and filling!

Pros:  Great food, staff can speak good English and offer such a glass/metal straws, fabric shopping bags. They also donate money to charities.
Cons: A bit too pricy in my opinion. if you want to save money, it isn’t going to be here 🙂 

Address :  75/1 Sathon Soi 10, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand. 

Opening hours : 9h-22h  | Website : https://www.broccolirevolution.com/  | Instagram : @broccolirevolution

  • The Coffee Club 

Located 5 minutes from our hotel, The Coffee Club is actually a more or less normal chain-style (independent of the international ones) place with the usual amenities. We’ve been there during our last night in Bangkok, right before our flight and the place was beautiful and has an interesting menu. I loved the fact they had many veggie options. Also, you can find in the menu a mix of Thai and western food.

Site internet :  https://thecoffeeclub.co.th/ | Instagram : @thecoffeeclubthailand

Others restaurants you can also try : 

  • Bonita Cafe and Social Club
  • May Veggie Home
  • Mango vegetarian & Vegan
  • Veganerie Concept


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